Longfresh offers HPP toll processing of foods to create products which can remain fresh, not frozen, with significant pathogen reduction resulting in extended product shelf-life.


Longfresh uses a 160L HPP Plant from Multivac.  Multivac are one of the world’s leading HPP manufacturers

How Multivac HPP Is Changing The Face Of The New Zealand Food Industry

Multivac is passionately committed to creating value-added packaging and HPP solutions that empower customers to grow, innovate and succeed.  For more information visit http://www.multivac.com

The primary aim of treating foods with High Pressure Processing (HPP) is to reduce or eliminate the relevant foodborne microorganisms, thereby extending the shelf-life and enhancing the food safety.

With HPP, food producers can meet the rising consumer demand for foods that are safe and nutritious, free from additives, good tasting and have a long shelf life.

Fresh and processed food or ready-to-eat meals with a superior quality can be stored and consumed over an extended period of time.

In addition, HPP allows manufacturers to eliminate additives and preservatives, such as sodium and salt, also extending shelf life and helping to preserve the true taste of the product. All of this serves to protect the value of the brand, even as it allows manufacturers to reduce production changeovers, reduce labour costs and achieve longer runs.